Become a Vendor

If you are interested in becoming a vendor at the Bayview Farmers Market, please review this information and fill out the 2019application. The market is a great way to develop your business, connect with the community, make some extra money, and have fun.

We offer vendors a 10x10-foot space. We do not provide tents, tables, or electricity. Spaces are allocated on the basis of seniority, previous market attendance, and sales category. Although we attempt to give vendors the same space each week, we cannot guarantee locations.

Vendors seeking more than one space will pay double fees, but need to complete only one application unless they are vending in multiple categories.

In addition to paying a yearly membership/booth fee ($40 for farmers, $50 all other categories) vendors pay a weekly commission on goods sold. Commissions must be paid on the day of a market. Failure to settle payment on the day of the market may disqualify vendors from returning. The 2019 commission schedule will be announced before the start of the market season.

 2019 market commission schedule:
 Shoulder season  April 27th thru May 17th   daily rate $5 or 5% whichever is greater 
 Regular season   May 24th thru Aug 31th    daily rate farmers $5 or %5 whichever is greater, all others $10 or 8% whichever is greater

Quick Links (pdf)

Market By-Laws

Policies (pdf)



If you are applying as a new vendor (farmers excepted), you need to submit a photograph of your product(s) and how you would merchandise them at the market. The photo becomes the property of the Bayview Farmers Market Association and will not be returned. Submit your application with a check (made out to Bayview Farmers Market LLC).

Processors and artisans are juried before being accepted to vend. Acceptance of your application does not automatically guarantee you will be allowed to vend at the 2019 market. Screening criteria includes the percentage of product made by the vendor, originality, price point, and quality. If you are not accepted to vend, your money will be refunded.

If you will be selling food items (breads, jams, meat, or prepared hot foods) you will need to have additional licenses and permits (see below). We will need two copies of these before you can vend. If you are unsure if these apply to your business, contact Sally Waters at the Island County Health Department, 360-240-5564, extension 28.

  • Washington food handlers permit for each person who will be selling at a booth.
  • Include an approved copy of the 2019 Island County Farmers Market Form TE2.
  • Include a copy of a state or county permit or license good for 2019.

If you are an organic farmer you must also submit a copy of your organic certification.